Constant technical development and Quality Assurance Activities

We believe these elements lead to advanced service and best production for the client’s needs that can be continuously changed case by case in the global plant industry. Since the establishment of 1999, KPL has advanced by merging all of our capabilities together, such as procurement, design, production, and inspection into one unified system. Based on constant effort on quality assurance and accumulated business experience since 1999, We acquired suitable certificates from the domestic and global market, such as API6D, Fire test certificate, and others, means of sound operation and reliable product life cycle. And we would like to step our feet into the global market with new beliefs and principles. Constant technical development and quality assurance system guarantee the maximum product life cycle and make their maintenance cost minimized at the sites. Therefore, every effort on our commitment to advanced products will constantly be made by all our executives and staff. We certify that we will do our utmost to provide customers with the best solutions against various applications, complying with customer’s requirements and standards.